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Fatalist, Cowardice

Kratos may have quite a strong front, but the truth is, he is actually a coward. He is a coward who has a fatalist approach to life. What is fatalism? According to my computer dictionary:
fa•tal•ism [noun] – the belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable. A submissive attitude to events, resulting from such a belief.
Even from the moment Kratos met Mithos, he had a fatalist approach. He ignored his feelings for Queen Soleille because she decided to marry someone else and easily accepted it. He joined Mithos because he saw him as a new hope to change events. He went along with Mithos’ rampage even though he knew it was wrong. But the moment that really added fuel to the fire was losing Anna and Lloyd. Kratos’ life lost all meaning and he went back to Mithos just because he’d have been pursued anyway. Even though he realized what Mithos was doing was wrong when he was with Anna, he still went back. He was submissive to the event of losing his family, so he just went back to Mithos even though he no longer could feign innocence about not realizing what they were doing. Though I’m sure his heart was screaming otherwise, he pretty much went “well, my family is dead, so I don’t have any other choice” (note that he didn’t actually say that). His mind probably justified it as his shitty fate, mainly because his end of battle quotes are usually something along the lines of “you cannot oppose fate.” Still, Kratos just went along with the flow of events, and didn’t actually take action on his own. Soleille was at least part of his motivation to be a knight, Mithos was his new hope to make the world better after the Tethe’alla capital went up in flames, Anna was the new hope after Mithos went berserk from despair, and finally Lloyd became his hope that he depended on when he was reunited with him after Anna’s death. Kratos basically didn’t make any of his own decisions and let fate play out his life for him.

As a result of being a fatalist, Kratos is also a terrible coward. He shut his eyes and plugged his ears to the wrongdoings of Mithos in order to follow him because he could not choose between the two paths he came across: either kill Mithos with his own hands or cooperate with him in creating a world which he opposed. Kratos, who had gone with the flow up until that point, naturally hesitated and could not reach a decision. He knew for sure he opposed Mithos’ world of lifeless beings, but he also felt like if he betrayed Mithos he would be abandoning the Mithos that Martel had entrusted to him. Kratos never made a decision, and just kind of floated along while following Mithos’ orders for the time being until he met Lloyd. After realizing that Lloyd was his son, he came to yet another fork in the road that he could not choose a path. He either had to continue obeying Mithos’ orders to create a world he didn’t want, or he could remain loyal to the son that he loved. Even though you’d think the choice would be obvious, Kratos still couldn’t reach a conclusion. Therefore, his loyalty swayed back and forth between Mithos and Lloyd, and he tried his best to maintain the status quo to extend his time to make a choice. Kratos knew he was being a coward and hated himself for abusing Lloyd by talking such a half-hearted stance. So, he ultimately tried to take the easy way out—death.

Since Lloyd and the others needed to break Origin’s seal, so Kratos figured that fighting Lloyd in battle would be the best way to face four thousand years of regrets. Then, he could finally die and not have to deal with the pain, guilt and expectations that he could not fight his way through. Having no point in life, hating himself, feeling as if he has no true value, betraying the family he loves…naturally death would be something that crossed his mind. Kratos believes he’s lived too long and that he is part of the past, so the people by Lloyd’s side should be his friends, not him. Luckily for Kratos, Lloyd has other things in mind and he learns a lesson that should have been obvious to him all along. Finally, Kratos is able to take a step forward and grow.

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