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Japanese VA - Tachiki Fumihiko

BIRTHDAY: April 29, 1961
BIRTHPLACE: Nagasaki Prefecture
Kratos' Japanese voice is deep. Very deep. I used to believe it was a bit too deep, but it has grown on me after watching the OVA. Either way, I think Tachiki's take on Kratos made him into the serious, logical and stern character that he is, and therefore did a good job. I haven't heard much of his acting in the game, but I enjoyed Kratos in the OVA with his voice. Tachiki has played various other roles such as:
Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach
Narrator, Mana Walker from D.Gray-Man
Lt. Surge from Pokemon
Riki from Samurai Champloo
Vodka from Case Closed

English VA - Cam Clarke

BIRTHDAY: November 6, 1957
BIRTHPLACE: Burbank, California
I'm not extremely fond of the voice acting in Tales of Symphonia, and Kratos' voice wasn't much of an exception. Surprisingly, however, I'm beginning to actually like Clarke as Kratos, so...I suppose his voice is growing on me? I think it fit Kratos pretty well as far as tone and everything went, but I think he sounded a bit too apathetic during the emotional scenes where I believe even Kratos' masquerade would falter a bit. Maybe I'm just being picky now? Either way, I really enjoyed his little comments in battle, and he successfully made me *squee* so I can't complain too much. Clarke has voiced other roles such as:
Lao Bei Fong from Avatar the Last Airbender
Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid
Shoutarou Kaneda from Akira
Simba from Kingdom Hearts II
Will Raynard from Tales of Legendia
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