acknowledging and remembering your sins is true strength


Kratos never really talks all that much, and even when he does, he never gives any long speeches or anything like that. Either way, I believe you can learn a lot by looking at what characters say, so I have provided a few of my favorite quotes, or those that have some importance.

LLOYD: I don't have a clue what any of this stuff does.
KRATOS: I'll handle this.
LLOYD: You sure are handy with everything--swordsmanship, magic, even operating machines.
KRATOS: I've lived a little longer than most humans.
LLOYD: Lived longer? So you're a half-elf too? But then again, he called you human earlier...
KRATOS: Focus on what's important. We must stop the Giant Tree.
LLOYD: Y...yeah.

KRATOS: After meeting Anna, I realized my mistake in believing that accepting Mithos' visions would be the fastest route to reunite the worlds.

KRATOS: (to Lloyd) Everything felt meaningless. Mithos said he would reunite the worlds as soon as Martel was revived. I came to think that as long as the land would return to normal, that would be enough...Until I met you.

KRATOS: (to Lloyd) You realize that you are capable of making mistakes. Or rather, if you make a mistake, you are capable of acknowledging it. That takes courage. Mithos, as well as I...were unable to do that.

KRATOS: Be gone, illusions of Mithos and Lloyd! My son needs me. I...cannot run from the sins of my past. Lloyd, allow me to atone for the foolishness of overlooking Mithos' brutality!

KRATOS: Hmm, what's wrong? Is my face that fascinating?
LLOYD: No. Nothing...

RAINE: Now, everyone. Eat up.
GENIS: Y...yeah. Okay...
KRATOS: I'll try some. Well, it's flavorful and...has a remarkable texture. I've never eaten anything like this before.
RAINE: I messed up again.
KRATOS: Ugh...First Aid!

KRATOS: ...Are you unable to sleep, Chosen?
COLETTE:, I'm fine.
KRATOS: If you cannot sleep, you should count the stars. Although, a human life is far too short to count them all...
COLETTE: ...That's a good idea. I'll try that.

KRATOS: Yes. That's right...Power is more than just your physical strength. The strength to acknowledge your crimes. The strength to remember them. You must have them as well.

KRATOS: We better hurry. I'm worried about Lloyd and the others.
SHEENA: Well, I didn't expect to hear that from you.
KRATOS: I'm saying that I'm worried that they may be causing more problems.
SHEENA: Right, whatever you say.

KRATOS: Lloyd. Make sure you warm-up first, and be careful out there.
LLOYD: Hmm? You're not going to change?
KRATOS: I shall rest on the beach.
LLOYD: You sound old.
LLOYD: Hey, aren't you hot in that outfit?
KRATOS: Don't worry about me. You should go play.
LLOYD: It's boring by myself. Oh, I know. Hey, Kratos. Let's cut a watermelon with a sword.
KRATOS: Watermelon? Hmm, you're practicing even at a time like this. I'm proud of you, Lloyd.
LLOYD: *sweatdrop* ...On second thought...never mind.

"Size does not equal strength."
"Don't overdo it. First Aid!"
"I won't let you die! Healing Wind!"
"Blame your fate."
"I cannot die until I fulfill my duty."
"Sacred powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls. Rest in peace, sinners! Judgment!"

COLETTE: Our weapons are Love!
GENIS: Justice!...and
KRATOS: Ugh...Hope.

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