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Some of the following information is from Kratos' "official profile," while other parts are various facts that I have gathered from the games he appears in.

NAME: Kratos Aurion
SEX: Male
AGE: 4028 (his internal clock was stopped at age 28)
BIRTHPLACE: Kingdom of Tethe'alla
HEIGHT: 186 cm
WEIGHT: 78 kg
CLASS: Once a knight, but now a mercenary
RACE: Seraph
ALLEGIANCE: Wavers between Cruxis and Lloyd
WEAPON TYPE: Double edged sword & a shield
VOICE: Tachiki Fumihiko (JPN); Cam Clarke (ENG)

"He is a mercenary, hired to accompany the Chosen on her journey of regeneration. He is a skilled swordsman--Lloyd's swordsmanship pales in comparison. His cool demeanor and logical approach of handling situations irritate Lloyd, who tends to handle things completely the opposite way." - NAMCO

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