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Kotobukiya released trading figures of part of the Tales of Symphonia cast, including Lloyd, Colette, Genis, Kratos, Sheena and Zelos. Each character has an "A" and a "B" form, meaning Kratos has two different figures. Kratos "A" is the one shown in the picture to the left. He's in his default outfit, with his left hand holding the sheath of his sword and his right about to pull his sword out. Kratos "B" looks pretty much the same, except his right hand is holding out the sword Flamberge. Each of the figures comes with a brown stand, and without the stand, Kratos is about eight inches tall. They are sold in boxes of 12 assorted figures, though they are getting hard to obtain. Occasionally, Hobby Search restocks them for around $65.

Around the time the OVA was first coming out, there was a promotional poster of Kratos that was in a certain magazine. I'm not positive what magazine it came from, but it featured a very gorgeous picture of him with his hand in his hair. I came across it on eBay once, but I didn't buy it, so the chances of me or anyone else finding it again are very slim unless I come across the magazine it came from. Since it was just a pull-out, I doubt the poster was very large, probably only being slightly bigger than the magazine itself. If I ever am able to obtain it, I will certainly scan it in for a much larger/better quality version of this picture for this pages.

Some of the characters from Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia made their way into phone strap form. Kratos was version C from the Symphonia line. The image used is his official chibi artwork and his strap is a dark blue color. I personally used it on my phone until my phone no longer worked, so I know that it is a decent quality in terms of resisting wear and tear. As far as I know, there is nowhere that you can get this from new anymore.

There was a box of six characters from various Tales of games released in PPP form. Asbel Lhant (Graces), Yuri Lowell (Vesperia), Leon Magnus (Destiny), Luke fon Fabre (Abyss), Lloyd Irving (Symphonia) and of course, Kratos. His figure is super adorable in my opinion, so I'm definitely glad to own it. Kratos comes with a tiny orange gel that attaches to his base along with the figure. I believe the box is sold out in most places, so you would have to obtain him from a site that sells them individually for more expensive prices if you wanted him.

Okay so, this isn't really merchandise pertaining to only Kratos but...since he doesn't have much on his own, I figured I'd include them here. I like to buy things with my favorite character on the cover, anyway. Kratos makes an appearance on the cover of volume five of the manga and book three of this set of novels (which are both the final volume of each respectively). He is also shown on the cover of the second DVD for the OVA, both the regular and special editions of it. All of these are fairly easy to obtain, either from eBay or stores such as CDJapan (for the DVD) and any Japanese bookstores for the novel and manga volume.

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